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Real "Quartz" countertops.

Quartz counters aren't really quartz, sure there is some quartz in there but there is a distinction and it's not a fine one, either. Saying that quartz counters are all quartz is like saying that all of the cars in an average parking lot are Chevrolets.  Ten percent of a quartz counter is a binder, whether polymeric or cement-based. That leaves the other 90% materials that give quartz counters their stone-like look and feel: crushed or waste granite, marble, and natural stone or recycled industrial wastes like ceramic, silica, glass, mirrors, etc. Bottom line: to call the material "quartz" is technically correct, but it's more accurate to say that it's a hot marketing term. Compound stone or engineered stone would be more accurate terms since ingredient proportions change. In fact, some engineered stone has no quartz.
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