Hygienic Performance

Solid Surface countertops serve up seamless, non-porous and hygienic performance ideal for retail, healthcare and foodservice interiors. As a renewable and repairable surface, you can relish in the ease of day-to-day maintenance and long-lasting durability. Blending natural elements with creative flair, the current colors are a unique, one-of-a-kind look that is available on the market today.

Color Variety

Solid surface can blend colors and natural elements to create endless designs and possibilities.

Non Porous

Water resistant material creates a perfect seal for any liquids or spills, and allows for effortless cleaning.


One piece design removes any seams preventing any bacterial growth in between gaps.

Moldable Form

The material can be shaped and formed into all types of designs, for a seamless surface.

No Seams
Means No Gaps

The most endearing quality of solid-surface countertops is the fact that the material can be cut, carved, cast and formed without any visible seams. The shape of the surface is your personal choice. You can integrate design features like a sink or backsplash while at the same time eliminating those tiny, pesky gaps for example where the counter meets the sink or the wall. This means water, crumbs, and bacteria won’t have a place to hide.

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