Harder than granite or marble making it more durable. That means Cambria is less likely to scratch, chip, or stain for years of worry-free service. With Cambria, there is no need for yearly polishing all you need to do is wipe it down with a little warm water and soap. Nonabsorbent so it won’t draw in moisture from raw or leftover food, which can harbor harmful bacteria Cambria prides itself on being the only family-owned, American-made producer of natural quartz surfaces. It’s a rare combination in today’s increasingly globalized marketplace. With a rich company history cambria embraces the value of being a family-owned, American-made company.

Made In USA

American made luxury brand with unmatched competition.

Product Consistency

Family owned company values high quality for all customers.

Bacteria Resistance

Special engineering provides a surface that prevents harboring of bacteria.


The surface does not absorb liquids, simple water and soap cleaning is all that is required.

High End
Luxury Surface

Cambria is a leading brand name of quartz material and is the only quartz countertop entirely made in the U.S. Also called engineered stone or quartz stone, quartz countertops are made with natural quartz crystals combined with resins and pigments to create a stone-like material offering practical and aesthetic benefits over natural stone. Among all of the countertop choices today, quartz is an all-around top performer and is priced near the high end of the spectrum. Considered to be a premium brand, with few competitors in the upper echelon of quartz countertops.

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